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~ MarvelGirl

Two Faith (or Eliza) walls: 'Night at the Opera' and 'The Age of Elegance' (1600x1200 || 1280x960).
And two afiiliates: Amy from 'Sweet Escape' and Wicca_Jaz from 'Inside Us All'.

Only two new art-works today (my capricious muse is sleeping again): 'Broken Glass' (Wes/Faith) and 'Untouchable' (Lindsey/Darla).

New Wesley art 'Broken Time', Spike/Buffy art 'Temptation' and episodic art 'Becoming' featuring Angel with Darla. Also I made a banner for Midimeet 2007 Challenge in writerconuk - 'Stairway to Hell' (Wes/Faith/Illyria), and another one art for the_jossverse - 'We'd face the Fighting with a Smile…' (Wes/Faith).
And I want to welcome my new affiliates - Justin from 'Screencap Madness' and Marcy from 'Broken Ease' :)

Just one new art today - Wesley Wyndam-Pryce - made for lj-community the_jossverse; and one new affiliate - Lumiana from 'Sweet Reverie' - welcome!))

New Buffyverse art: Wesley + Faith and Colorful Dreams (Wes/Faith), My Queen (Spike/Buffy) and Reincarnation (Buffy). And I remade my old 'Firefly' art with River, because I wasn't very satisfied with it, so here it is - new Universe Girl, version 2.
Plus, I've got two new affiliates - very talented fanartists: Wendy from 'Black Lagoon' and Joe from 'Unapologetic Mockers'. Welcome, girls! :)

Episodic art to 2.10 'Angel' - Reunion (Darla/Dru) and another one 'Secretary' art - Secretary, part 2 (Wes/Faith).

New Wes/Faith art (New York's Time) inspired by Secretary (I'm still hooked on that story. Someone may think I'm obsessed, but I don't care, 'cause the story is too great :)) Plus, new affiliate: Infinite Destruction by slaygal. Go, take a look at her btvs blends and collages!
And some kind soul (or souls?) nominated couple of my works on The Sunnydale Fanart Awards. Thank you, whoever you are, it's a honor and great pleasure for me :)

One of the greatest award sites awarding the best of Buffy and Angel fanart - The Sunnydale Fanart Awards - is opened for Round 3 today! Go ahead and nominate your favorite fanart!

Hello all!
Today I've got a bunch of new art works and these are: Hunter (Dean) from 'Supernatural'; True Lovers (Michael/Maria) from 'Roswell'; Puppet Master (Ben) and Hunted Soul (Rousseau) from 'Lost'; Heroes and Lovers (Angel/Buffy/Spike), Chosen to Slay (Buffy/Faith), Men in Style (Angel/Spike), Have yourself a merry little Christmas... (Spike/Harmony) and Wild Thing (Angel or maybe David Boreanaz) from 'BtVS'/'AtS'. Enjoy! And, please, don't forget to comment, comments are greatly appreciated :)

Happy New Year Everyone! I wish you all good luck and never-ending inspiration! :)
And my latest 'Angel' art: Dear Boy (Angel/Darla) and Secretary (Wes/Faith). The second one inspired by beautiful, sensual and alluring story - which you absolutely, positively, must read! - by Allegraslade, Bit, Darling Effect and Jane Davitt.

New Spike/Buffy manipulation - In another Life; and new affiliate - Amber's Reflection - welcome! :) And I've got two awards for two of my manipulations (From Hell and Spike the Pirate) - thanks to all who voted for my works :)

Life is hectic and I've got lots of work these days, so for now it's going to be only one new collage: James Marsters.

BtVS manipulation Through the Ages (Spike/Buffy); plus, my contributions for spuffy_haven's 'Let's go to the Movies!' challenge: How to Steal a Million and From Hell movie posters with Sarah Michelle Gellar and James Marsters as leading actors.

Collages: 'Alias' - Revelation (Sark/Sydney), 'Lost' - Wild at Heart (Kate/Sawyer). New affiliate - Doppelganger Studio 47 by Xinyi. And thank you to infinitely talented Marina from 'Revisionist' for my latest inspiration.

New David Boreanaz art: version one, version two. And new affiliate - Steph; be sure to visit her site Unseen Shadows.

Two artworks to 'Alias': Innamoramento (Sark/Sydney) and Double Life. (Sydney). Plus, two new affiliates - bluesuzanne and Jenni Lou, welcome! And I want to say thanks to Thia - a talented owner of Hybrid Genesis, she's writing great PhotoShop tutorials; I learn a lot from her.

New collages to 'Lost' - Feeling guilty... feeling dead (Sayid/Ana-Lucia) & New Sheriff (Sawyer); to 'Alias' - Blow-Up (Sark/Sydney); and to 'BtVS' - Manifest Destiny (Spike/Buffy). The latest one inspired by Uisge Beatha's fic 'Manifest Destiny'.

I'm finally back. And here are some new collages to 'Lost'. Sawyer and A Complex Guy (Sawyer-centric), A Man with a Hero Complex (Jack-centric) and Passion (Kate/Sawyer). Enjoy and don't forget to leave comments in a tag-bord ;)

My very first collage to one of my favorite series 'The X-Files' - Two against Nature.

I’m watching season five of 'Buffy' right now and that is affecting my muse, so the new art is Hunger to episode 5.01 'Buffy vs. Dracula'.

Looks like I'm having a very productive beginning of the month; this is second update in one week. Well, go me! :) And now to the point... We have a new collage to 'Alias' (Not together... but not apart) - my little present for bluebear_74's birthday; and first art to 'Sleepy Hollow' movie.

New 'Charmed' art - Phoebe as Greek Goddess Artemis. Plus, 'Highlander' art, Methos/MacLeod - Immortality.

'Angel' art - Just Human, two arts to 'Alias' - Let's Talk, Long Way. And two new affiliates - Oxoniensis Art and Rendezv0us.org. Be sure to visit their fansites :)

It is now almost a year since this site goes online and I guess it means - new layout. So look around and feel free to leave a comment in a tagboard.